Les clubs récréatifs : bien plus que du sport

The RMC Foundation supports a variety of Recreational Clubs at the Colleges.  From Sport Parachuting to Debate Club the Recreational Clubs are meant to offer Officer Cadets a much deserved break from their studies to enhance their time here at the Colleges while building leadership skills, critical planning skills, and fostering new friendships. Because of…

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Préparation aux visites de champs de bataille

Battlefield Tour Gravestones | RMC Foundations

In preparation for this year’s 2020 Mottershead Battlefield tour, I, as well as the rest of the individuals who will be embarking this adventure, have been partaking in multiple activities in order to ready ourselves for what we will see in France and Belgium in two weeks time. Among other activities, the weekly seminars that…

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Le parcours d’une championne

The Journey of a Champion:  Officer Cadet 29199 Hannah Lee and her quest for Gold What makes a Champion? Is it how many hours you log training? Is it a show of your determination? Is it how much you are willing to sacrifice to achieve your goal? Is it your passion for your sport, or…

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Réunion des Redmen du CMR

It is the longest running International Hockey Series in the world. This year was the 84th edition to this historic hockey rivalry.   It is a game of skill, sacrifice, and tradition.  It is a game where Truth, Duty, Valour meets Duty, Honor, Country in a battle of excellence. It was a tense and thrilling 60…

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CMR Saint-Jean Comité de la vie étudiante

RMC Saint-Jean Campus Life Committee

On Saturday, October 5, 2019,Officer Cadets went hiking and apple picking.  An activity organized by the Campus Life Committee. Eight OCdts took part in this cohesion activity. We started with hiking at Mont St-Grégoire where the OCdts were able to enjoy a beautiful sunny day to admire the colours of autumn along the trails. We…

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Visite annuelle du champ de bataille

Battlefield tour Dieppe group | RMC Foundations

The RMC History Department embarks on the Annual Battlefield Tour over reading week each February. This tour, established in 2003, and almost exclusively funded through donations to the RMC Foundation since 2004, allows Cadets to tour First and Second World War Canadian Battlefields in France and Belgium. Since 2003 this tour has become a major…

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Vimy Oak

The Oak tree planted here commemorates those Graduates of the Royal Military College of Canada who served at the Battle of Vimy Ridge (9-12 April 1917). Their contribution was significant – RMC graduates provided nearly 23% of the Commanders and Staff of the Canadian Corps at the time of the battle. At 5:30 in the…

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Portrait 2018-2019 de la Musique du CMR de Saint-Jean

CMR Band 2019

For the 2018/2019 school year, the CMR Saint-Jean Band was comprised of fifteen officer cadets. Musical instruction was conducted weekly by Mr. Philip Rempel during the fall and winter sessions at CMR Saint-Jean. The Band contributes to the general well-being of officer cadets while fostering their interest in music and allowing them opportunities to play…

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la Musique du CMR de Kingston

RMC Band Marching At Convocation

The RMC Music Program has been an integral part of the college’s history and heritage since it was stood up in 1953. It brings the pomp and circumstance to parades, regimental traditions to mess dinners, diversified entertainment at major concerts and events, and last year the cadets elevated their performance to a new standard of…

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