À propos de L'Association des ancien(ne)s des CMR

À propos de L'Association des ancien(ne)s des CMR

Mission de l’Association des anciens étudiants et anciennes étudiantes des Collèges militaires royaux du Canada

To bring together our alumni and other members for their mutual benefit, support, mentorship and camaraderie; advance education by establishing and maintaining scholarships, bursaries and prizes; support and promote training and leadership programs by providing funding for programs and initiatives for the benefit of the Canadian Military Colleges to grow and develop Canada’s future leaders; establish, preserve, protect and commemorate monuments and significant heritage sites at the Canadian Military Colleges; enhance, preserve and promote the experience, history, traditions and culture of the Canadian Military Colleges; and to promote and advocate for the foregoing.

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RMC Club & Foundation Merger

Grâce au soutien exceptionnel de nos membres, les deux grandes rivières qui s’étaient séparées il y a 55 ans se rencontrent de nouveau! 

Lors de l’assemblée conjointe extraordinaire qui s’est tenue le 7 octobre 2021, la majorité des membres présents ont voté en faveur de la fusion du Club des CMR et de la Fondation des CMR en une nouvelle entité portant le nom d’Association des anciens étudiants et anciennes étudiantes des Collèges militaires royaux du Canada inc.

Qu’est-ce que cela signifie pour nos membres? L’approbation de cette fusion signifie que nous pouvons maintenant agir pour offrir de meilleurs services aux diplômés et aux Collèges, et mettre en œuvre de nouveaux projets coordonnés visant à renforcer l’esprit de camaraderie et les activités de financement

In short, with greater coordination, resources, and finances made possible by the merger, we’ll be able to enhance and grow alumni services and membership benefits. More details will follow as we work through the process of bringing the two organizations together on the ground but it is important for you to know that this merger will not negatively affect membership services in any way. Your patience as we work through implementation of the details is appreciated – continue to watch our Social Media channels and eVeritas for updates!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who, either publicly or behind the scenes, has helped to make this historic event a reality. In particular, the staff and boards of both the RMC Club and RMC Foundation, former Club Executive Director Bryan Bailey, and several ex-cadets who offered their expertise. It has been a process just to get to this point, especially in a pandemic, and we would not be here without the efforts of so many ex-Cadets and volunteers. Thank you.

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Merger Quick Facts

Why was the Merger being proposed?

The reasons for the Merger include:

  • That the RMC Club and the Foundation were historically one organization and the Merger is bringing them back together after approximately 55 years
  • That the Merger will enable the Merged Company to be more efficient in undertaking its activities and delivering services to Members;
  • Cost savings and anticipated increased revenues without any layoffs;
  • Declining RMC Club membership and engagement over the years;
  • For the Merged Company to benefit from a simplified organizational structure and governance; and
  • To better position the Merged Company to communicate with our Members.

How will RMC Club alumni and other member services and benefits be affected by the Merger?

RMC Club alumni and other member services and benefits will not be negatively impacted by the Merger. Rather, following the Merger, all of these alumni and other programs of the RMC Club will be undertaken and coordinated by the Merged Company, without any interruption or decrease in alumni services and membership benefits. In fact, with the greater coordination, staffing, resources, and finances resulting from the Merger, and with the elimination of duplication in data management, it is expected that the Merged Company will be able to significantly enhance and grow alumni services and membership benefits, including the offering of additional and more relevant affinity programs for the benefit of alumni and other members.

How will the Merger be effected?

In order to effect the Merger, all of the RMC Club‘s assets and liabilities will be contributed, donated, assigned, transferred and assumed by the La Fondation des CMR, which will be called “Royal Military Colleges of Canada Alumni Association Inc.” In addition, certain amendments to the articles and charitable purposes of the Merger Company will be made to complete the Merger.

What will happen to the Old Brigade and the Branches following the Merger?

Nothing will change. The structure, governance and organization of the Old Brigade will continue unchanged with the merged company. Similarly, there will be no change to the operation of local Branches, which will continue in the same manner after the merger.

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