RMC Saint-Jean Boxing Club 2021-2022

I am officer cadet Vandy Bédard Prakongkham, I am the current president and the one who established the boxing club with the help of three professional trainers: Marc-André Gauthier,      Yves Trottier and Alexandre Bradette; and with the help of these PSPs: Grace Quinn, Frédéric Roux and René Savoie. These are the main people who…

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RMC Hockey News – Paladins Win OUA Major Award, All-Rookie Honours

Article submitted by Peter Reimer, Sports Information and Promotions Coordinator RMC.   Photo Credit:  Reuben Polansky-Shapiro An RMC Paladins graduating senior and a fresh-faced rookie were among OUA honourees when the league announced their major awards and all-stars for the 2021-22 men’s hockey season on Tuesday afternoon. Paladins captain Liam Murray (Ottawa) won the OUA East…

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Cross Canada Drone Project Supported by The Class of 1962

RMC Alumni Association Inc. | L'Association des ancien(ne)s des CMR

On behalf of the Aviation and Photography Clubs, I want to thank the RMC Foundation and the Class of 1962 for helping us in our cross-Canada drone video project. The project gave 20 N/OCdts the opportunity to fly our DJI Mavic drone to get footage of the areas they were studying remotely from. Each member…

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Engage for 50: The Past, the Present, and our Future

Looking back on my 11 years with the RMC Foundation, Reunion Weekend is always my favourite time of year.  The hustle, the bustle, the planning, the comradery, the competition, but more importantly it’s seeing our ex cadets come back together after 10, 20, 30 even 40 years and remembering it like it was yesterday. From…

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Charitable Giving and the Class of 1973 Secretary

The RMC Foundation would like to give special thanks to 9721 David (DB) Snook, Secretary of the Class of 1973, who has been a donor to the RMC Foundation since 1975. He has provided significant support to the Class of 1973 Old Brigade Fund ever since. In December of 2018, David made a very generous…

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25 Years Later: The re-birth of Royal Roads Military College Rugby

Friday March 6th, 2020 was a beautiful, sunny winter day in Vancouver. On this day, the proud traditions of Royal Roads’ rugby were reborn at the Vancouver Masters’ Rugby Festival. Twelve ex-cadets took to the pitch wearing white jerseys with blue hoops bearing the RRMC coat of arms on their chests, looking much like the…

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RMC Curling Club competes at the Garrison Curling Club

RMC Curling Club at the Garrison Curling Club

The Royal Military College Curling Club has nine Officer Cadet’s comprising two teams competing in the local open league at the Garrison Golf and Curling Club at CFB Kingston.  Every Thursday both teams, known simply as RMC 1 and RMC 2, head up to the curling club at CFB Kingston to compete in the Garrison…

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Kilimanjaro Team Honoured at Kingston Branch Luncheon

It was a bright and sunny afternoon on 12 February at the Senior Staff Mess where seven officer cadets and MWO Corneau from the RMC Expedition Club were presented with commemorative coins for their journey to Mount Kilimanjaro in December. At the request of members of the Class of 1969, 7897 Gilles Langlois had the…

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The Journey of a Champion

The Journey of a Champion:  Officer Cadet 29199 Hannah Lee and her quest for Gold What makes a Champion? Is it how many hours you log training? Is it a show of your determination? Is it how much you are willing to sacrifice to achieve your goal? Is it your passion for your sport, or…

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RMC Redmen Reunite

It is the longest running International Hockey Series in the world. This year was the 84th edition to this historic hockey rivalry.   It is a game of skill, sacrifice, and tradition.  It is a game where Truth, Duty, Valour meets Duty, Honor, Country in a battle of excellence. It was a tense and thrilling 60…

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Combat Weapons Team

Combat Weapons Team | RMC Foundations

The purpose of the Combat Weapons Team is to teach members basic to advanced fighting drills with the C7 rifle, C8 carbine, Browning 9mm pistol, and Remington 12 gauge shotgun.  The skills taught include various fighting stances, tactical reloading, weapon transitioning, fire and movement, multiple target engagements, and reaction engagements. The Combat Weapons Team is…

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Recreational Clubs Class and the Class of 1962 Support

Recreational club support | RMC Foundations

The RMC Recreational Clubs received $30,000 in support this year from the Class of 1962.  This support allowed over 600 Officer Cadets to participate in the following clubs: Judo Bilingualism Curling Chess Ice Climbing Astronomy Rowing Sport Parachuting Multisport Club Aviation Club The Class of 1962 has agreed to support the Recreational Clubs from their…

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