Brief RMC Club & Foundation Histories

Alumni Association Mission

To bring together our alumni and other members for their mutual benefit, support, mentorship and camaraderie; advance education by establishing and maintaining scholarships, bursaries and prizes; support and promote training and leadership programs by providing funding for programs and initiatives for the benefit of the Canadian Military Colleges to grow and develop Canada’s future leaders; establish, preserve, protect and commemorate monuments and significant heritage sites at the Canadian Military Colleges; enhance, preserve and promote the experience, history, traditions and culture of the Canadian Military Colleges; and to promote and advocate for the foregoing.

Brief History of the RMC Club of Canada

The Royal Military College opened its doors to the first eighteen cadets in June 1876. A mere four years after the first class graduated, the first steps were taken to form an alumni association.

This effort, initiated by two members of the first class at the College, #6 S.J.A. Denison (first Club Secretary) and #7 L.H. Irving (first Club President), resulted in the inauguration of the “Royal Military College Club” on March 15th, 1884. This event was highlighted by the Club’s inaugural Annual General Meeting and Club Dinner in Toronto. Since the opening of RMC, over 30,000 Canadians have qualified to become members of The RMC Club of Canada.

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List of RMC Club Past Presidents

YearCollege NumberName
1947-481230Col S.H. Dobell, DSO
1948-491855BGen I.S. Johnston, CBE, DSO, ED, QC
1949-501625LCol D.Watt, OBE, ED, KC
1950-511542Capt E.W. Crowe
1951-521860LCol N. Kingsmill, ED, QC
1952-531828Brig G.E. Beament, OBE, ED, QC
1953-541620LCol R.R. Labatt, DSO, ED
1954-551766Col K. Tremain, OBE, ED
1955-561474LCol de L.H.M. Panet
1956-572034G/C P.Y. Davoud, DSO, OBE, DFC
1957-581954LCol W.P. Carr
1958-591945BGen G.D. de S. Wotherspoon, DSO, ED, CD, QC
1959-601379H.A. Mackenzie. OBE, FCA
1961-622157BGen J.H.R. Gagnon, OBE, CD
1962-632183J.E. Pepall
1963-642336LCol J.H. Moore, FCA
1964-652351Maj G. Savard, MBE
1965-662749J.B. Cronyn
1966-672691J.F. Maclaren, ED
1967-682791J.P.W. Ostiguy
1968-69RCNC90Cdr. J.F.Frank, CD
1969-702859Prof. J.G. Pike
1970-712494Maj G.E. Ward
1971-722761Col C.S. Frost, CD, QC
1972-732544Maj T.A. Somerville
1973-743641W.I. MacLachlan
1974-752954J.H. Farrell
1975-763661T.E. Yates
1976-775533J.G. Allen
1977-783172M.M. Soule
1978-79RCNC261W.B. Tilden
1979-803672C.C.M. Powis
1980-813251J.W. Tremain
1981-822897MGen H.C. Pitts, MC, CD
1982-832576Cmdre W.P. Hayes, CD
1983-842652Col A.B. Smith, MC, CD, QC
1984-85RRA15BGen B.A. Howard, CD
1985-867268J.W. Brown
1986-875604K.A. Smee
1987-883010E.P. McLoughlin
1988-894100J.J.J. Choquette
1989-903475H.F. Champion-Demers
1990-913173MGen J.A. Stewart, CD
1991-925233J.M. Buchan
1992-933356R.B. Cumine, QC
1993-945244A.T. Downs, CD
1994-957543J.A. Day
1995-965739A.A.J.S Costin
1996-973550Col M.C. Johnston, CD
1997-988813LCol J.G. Gibson, CD
1998-99G55V.A.R. Keyes, CD
1999-008833Col L.J. Leggat, CD
2000-015758Cdr M.F. Morres, CD
2001-0216461Capt I.P. MacKinnon
2002-036777BGen J.J.M. Charron, OMM, CD
2003-047776Col C.A.R. Lythgo, CD
2004-057943Maj J.W.K. Lye, CD
2005-0610080R.T. Booth
2006-0712046J.R.P. Ducharme
2007-086776Col T.A.H. Sparling, CD
2008-0915988T.J. Kearns
2009-1016412Lt[N] G.J. Clarke
2010-1119307Cdr Dave Benoit
2011-12M0058Marc Drolet
2012-139889LCol Robert J. Benn
2013-1412059Jacques Gagné
2014-176440Capt (N) Tony Goode
2017-199143Bruce McAlpine
2019-2110973John McManus

Brief History of the RMC Foundation

The RMC Foundation was formed in 1966 and was incorporated without share capital pursuant to Part II of the Canada Business Corporations Act and registered as a Charity with the Canada Revenue Agency.

The RMC Foundation acted as a vehicle to satisfy the desires of the alumni, both collectively and as individuals, to provide philanthropic financial assistance to the Colleges. The Foundation acted as a trustee, managing long-term funds and ensuring that they are applied in accordance with the wishes of the donor.

RMCFoundation | La Fondation des CMR logo

List of RMC Foundation Past Presidents

YearCollege NumberName
2003-20044803 Tom Marshall
2005-2007H3948John Plant
2008-2009H7076John van Haastrecht
2009-20139660Cameron Diggon
2014-2016H6604Jim Carruthers
2016-201711386Tony MacDougall
2017-20196475Mike Houghton
2020-202118524Chris Theal
2021-202215946Jill Carleton