Board of Directors & Staff

Alumni Association Mission

To bring together our alumni and other members for their mutual benefit, support, mentorship and camaraderie; advance education by establishing and maintaining scholarships, bursaries and prizes; support and promote training and leadership programs by providing funding for programs and initiatives for the benefit of the Canadian Military Colleges to grow and develop Canada’s future leaders; establish, preserve, protect and commemorate monuments and significant heritage sites at the Canadian Military Colleges; enhance, preserve and promote the experience, history, traditions and culture of the Canadian Military Colleges; and to promote and advocate for the foregoing.

RMC Alumni Association Board of Directors

Board Executive

15946 Jill Carleton
Current President

Class of 1987

17203 George Lundy

Vice- President

Class of 1990

H12141 Bryn Weadon


Class of 1979

S169 Nancy Marr

Chief Executive Officer

Non Voting

Committee Chairs

Margot Naudie
Chair – Investment Committee

Independent Director

17203 George Lundy
Chair – Gifting Committee

Class of 1990

16598 Scott Stevenson

Chair – Audit Committee/ Governance & Nominating

Class of 1988

24924 Maxime Bernier- Brideau

Chair –Alumni, Branch & Class Engagement

Class of 2010

18060 Pascal Becotte

Chair – Fundraising & marketing Committee

Class of 1992

16542 Phil Garbutt

Chair – Advocacy & Promotion

Class of 1988


24712 Brent Fisher

Class of 2010

21198 Cybele Wilson

Class of 1998

11165 Hugh Wilzewski

Class of 1976

15673 Joe Morin

Class of 1986

7964 Don Bell
Adjutant, Old Brigade

Class of 1969

19205 Claude Martel

Class of 1994

6835 Pierre Chevalier
Asst Adj, Old Brigade

Class of 1966

18443 Don Belovich

Honourary Counsel

Class of 1992

14892 Tim Patriquin
RMCMC Director

Class of 1985

Honourary Positions

Major General Greg Smith


H4860 General (Retd) John de Chastelain, CC, CMM, CD, CH, RMC

Vice Patron

Class of 1960

 6090 Rt. Rev. George Bruce, CD, RMC


Class of 1964

 H3918 Mr. Al Roberts, RMC

Adjutant Emeritus, Old Brigade

Class of 1957

5611 Lieutenant Commander Gerald L. Stowe, CD, RMC, RCN(Retd)

Adjutant Emeritus, Old Brigade

Class of 1962

RMC Alumni Association Staff

Nancy Marr

Chief Executive Officer

613.541.6000 ext 6697

Riley Jessup

Fundraising & Marketing Coordinator

613.541.6000 ext 6918

Mary Darlington

Office Manager

613.541.6000 ext 6806

Jennifer Jordan

Fundraising & Marketing Manager

613.541.6000 ext 6807

Jaya Surapaneni

Research Administrator

613.541.6000 ext 3636

Jill Power

Gift Shop Representative

613.541.6000 ext 6849