Truth Duty Valour

Supporting Canada’s Future Leaders.

Our Mission

Bringing together RMC Alumni and other members for their mutual benefit, support, mentorship and camaraderie; advancing education by establishing and maintaining scholarships, bursaries and prizes; supporting, promoting and funding training and leadership programs for the benefit of the Canadian Military Colleges growing and developing Canada’s future leaders.

Recent Merger

At the special joint meeting held on 7 Oct. 2021, a majority present voted to approve the merger of the RMC Club and Foundation into the RMC Alumni Association Inc.

We can now take steps to more effectively deliver both existing services to alumni and Colleges, as well as implement new coordinated projects aimed at building camaraderie and fundraising.

Our History

Truth Duty Valour

The Royal Military College opened its doors to the first eighteen cadets in June 1876. A mere four years after the first class graduated, the first steps were taken to form an Alumni Association.

Read brief histories of the RMC Club and Foundation, as we move forward as the RMC Alumni Association.

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Our Impact

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The needs of the Colleges have shifted from bricks and mortar to critical development and extracurricular opportunities for the students that are not funded by the Canadian Forces

Our objective is to play an increasingly active role in the development of Canada’s Future Leaders at the Royal Military Colleges of Canada by providing financial support through the Truth Duty Valour Fund.

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