Truth Duty Valour Fund

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Supporting Canada’s Future Leaders

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The needs of the Colleges have shifted from bricks and mortar to critical development and extracurricular opportunities for the students that are not funded by the Canadian Forces

Our objective is to play an increasingly active role in the development of Canada’s Future Leaders at the Royal Military Colleges of Canada by providing financial support through the Truth Duty Valour Fund.

As a military university, the Royal Military Colleges of Canada educates, develops, and inspires bilingual, fit, and ethical leaders who serve the Canadian Armed Forces and Canada.

The Royal Military Colleges are the only academic institutions in Canada with a mission focused on leadership development for every student in all four pillars.

The Truth Duty Valour Fund supports mission-critical Academic, Athletic, Bilingual and Leadership development opportunities. This also includes any new initiatives brought forth by the Commandants that are deemed to have merit by the RMC Alumni Association Gifting Committee.

Donations to the Truth Duty Valour Fund allow the RMC Alumni Association to be responsive to both Commandant’s needs now and in the future. Join us in our mission of supporting Canada’s Future Leaders today!

Engaging to meet the needs of the Colleges

The message from the Commandants to the RMC Alumni Association is to pivot away from ‘brick and mortar’ requests. The greatest value add from the Alumni Association is the availability of funds that directly contribute to enhancing student life at the colleges.

Our fundraising efforts today aim to align to meet the needs of the Colleges.

Historically, donations have been restricted by the direction of donors/classes.

  • 89% of donations in the past five years are restricted or endowed
  • 98% of fund balances are held within restricted/endowed accounts

There is a donor bias to:

  • ‘Brick and mortar’ projects
  • Restricted clubs / trips / activities
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