Cross Canada Drone Project Supported by The Class of 1962

On behalf of the Aviation and Photography Clubs, I want to thank the RMC Foundation and the Class of 1962 for helping us in our cross-Canada drone video project. The project gave 20 N/OCdts the opportunity to fly our DJI Mavic drone to get footage of the areas they were studying remotely from. Each member learned how to fly the drone as well as having the unique opportunity to film their home towns from the air. The project lasted over five months and the drone travelled from Halifax to Vancouver. This would not have been possible without the support and encouragement from the Foundation. Below are two messages from those who took part in the project:

 I would like to graciously thank the RMC Foundation for funding the Cross-Canada Drone Project and for allowing myself and my peers to take part in this rewarding experience. The drone provided by the RMC Foundation was incredible and made my first time flying very stress-free. I was sent the drone in early February and I was the first of the group to have the chance to fly it. I immediately felt comfortable flying the drone which allowed me to easily showcase some of my favourite places near my house. I flew the drone in Halifax and Wolfville, Nova Scotia. I am so appreciative of this opportunity and everything that I have learned from it. Thank you again to the RMC Foundation! –   OCdt. Gabrielle Ross


The drone video project was the first club activity I participated in since my arrival at RMC, and lead me to joining the Aviation Club. It was really great to be able to collaborate on such a project at a time where we are mostly all isolated. It had me earn my drone pilot certificate, allowing me to keep in touch with my interest for aviation. Flying the drone was fun, but mostly it was impressive to see the end result of high-quality drone videos from all across Canada put together, which really is an example of making the best of the situation, turning the dispersal of RMC students into an opportunity for a unique project.  – OCdt. Alexandre Daigneault


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