To the RMC and RMC Saint-Jean Graduating Classes of 2021 from the Foundation: I Have Confidence in You!

Earning an undergraduate degree from one of Canada’s military colleges is no easy task.  It is not for the faint of heart.  At the Royal Military Colleges of Canada Foundation – we know the level of commitment that it takes to succeed academically and in the other pillars of athletics, bilingualism, and military leadership.

We recognize that the Class of 2021 is graduating in a challenging period for Canada, and for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).  As you graduate and join the ranks of commissioned officers in the CAF, we want you to know that we have confidence in each and every one of you.  Why can we say this with such conviction? It’s because we share the same values: Truth, Duty and Valour.  Those values shape how we see your achievements today, and they form the basis of our commitment to support you as you move forward in your careers. Let me explain:

Truth.  Your degree is the result of hard work, but it is also the sign that you have the critical thinking skills needed to become fully contributing members of the profession of arms.  Your ability to learn will be an essential part of your success both in the CAF, and whenever you transition to back to civilian life.  Your class has experienced a level of public scrutiny that few others have faced, and through your responses to the Statistics Canada survey on individual safety, you made it clear that the situation must improve.  We know that you adhere to the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it might be.

Duty.  You have adapted to changing conditions, rapidly moving to a dispersed learning environment in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, while maintaining cohesion and fostering morale across the cadet wing in innovative ways. You witnessed events that touched the military college community, including the crash of Stalker 22.  We know that you understand the unlimited liability of military service.  In a time when Canada faces a rapidly changing international security environment, we have confidence in your ability to change.

Valour.  Your class has shown the willingness to confront challenges, and to step forward and take the initiative. From a distributed environment, you rallied cadets together to raise funds for charitable causes.  Your efforts contributed directly to the growing success of the Athena Network, with its expanding network of mentors.  These examples of leadership from the Class of 2021 show us that you are ready to join the profession of arms, and to contribute to the necessary cultural change that is underway in the CAF.

The RMC Foundation is here to foster the success of Canada’s future leaders through charitable giving to enhance the experience of students at the RMC and RMC Saint-Jean, and to maintain the heritage of the military colleges, including Royal Roads.

We applaud the graduating class of 2021, including the first 15 graduates to be granted a degree by RMC Saint-Jean since 1995.  We recognize the essential contribution of the military, academic and support staff at the Colleges who helped to enable your education.


15946  Jill Carleton

RMC Foundation President

Class of 1987

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