RMC Sport Parachuting Club Takes to the Skies

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for supporting the RMC Sport Parachuting Club. Skydiving is an amazing sport that truly changes people’s lives. Every person who takes on this daunting challenge is immediately granted three gifts: control, confidence and community.

Jumping out of a plane is intimidating, the action confronts every one of our instincts for self-preservation. When that individual decides to take the leap, they are no longer subject to their emotional impulses, thus giving them control. That skill will serve them well in their career as Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and in their own life. Facing that fear and being able to exercise that control ultimately leads to skydiving’s second gift: confidence. This sport helps build a positive relationship between the jumper and themselves. They trust that they can tackle harrowing feats and that they can act under pressure. Lastly, sport parachuting is enveloped in a community of mutual respect and an eagerness to help each other learn. Each skydiver will share remarkable experiences with their peers and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

The command team of the RMC Sport Parachuting Club would like to thank you for giving officer- and naval cadets these gifts. Skydiving is a very expensive sport and the cost of entry deprives many individuals of being able to engage in it. Your financial support helps erode that barrier.

OCdt Kasztenny and The RMC Sport Parachuting Club Command Team

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