Canso Investment Counsel Ltd Named Entertainment Sponsor for 11th Annual TPL Gala

Carswell TPL 2019

The True Patriot Love Foundation hosted their 11th Annual TPL Tribute Gala on Thursday 7 November at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  This year’s gala showcased the national impact made through TPL’s support of community programs and organizations across Canada. Canso Investment Counsel is a proud supporter of the RMC Foundation and has been…

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Combat Weapons Team

Combat Weapons Team | RMC Foundations

The purpose of the Combat Weapons Team is to teach members basic to advanced fighting drills with the C7 rifle, C8 carbine, Browning 9mm pistol, and Remington 12 gauge shotgun.  The skills taught include various fighting stances, tactical reloading, weapon transitioning, fire and movement, multiple target engagements, and reaction engagements. The Combat Weapons Team is…

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Recreational Clubs Class and the Class of 1962 Support

Recreational club support | RMC Foundations

The RMC Recreational Clubs received $30,000 in support this year from the Class of 1962.  This support allowed over 600 Officer Cadets to participate in the following clubs: Judo Bilingualism Curling Chess Ice Climbing Astronomy Rowing Sport Parachuting Multisport Club Aviation Club The Class of 1962 has agreed to support the Recreational Clubs from their…

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Paris London Cultural Trip

Paris london cultural trip | RMC Foundations

Since 2012, RMC Saint-Jean students have been participating in the study trip to London and Paris during the spring break thanks to a generous donation from RMC Foundation donors, and the generous support of the Corporation du Fort St-Jean.  This yearly cultural trip allows students to meet and experience the founding cultures of Canada.  Students…

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Howard Model NATO

Howard Model Nato trip | RMC Foundations

The Howard University Model NATO Conference is an international academic competition held in Washington, DC and involves universities from Europe and North America. This highly prestigious event, referred to by the Principal as the academic equivalent of the Sandhurst Competition, pits RMC Cadets against over 25 other international universities in a challenging and academically rigorous…

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RMC Saint-Jean 45th Annual Broomball Tournament

RMC Broomball Team

This year was the 45th Annual Broomball tournament at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean. For Officer Cadets, this tournament is an opportunity to put their studies aside for a weekend and have fun. In addition, this tournament promotes the development of team spirit, competitive spirit, and strengthens the bonds Cadets have with other Ex-Cadets. For…

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6513 John Bart Teamwork and Leadership Awards

John Bart Award 2019

In 2001, the late 6513 John Bart (Class of 1965) established two endowments through the RMC Foundation to recognize Cadets for exemplary leadership and teamwork effort during the First Year Orientation Program and the Obstacle Course. The John Bart Teamwork Award provides the winning Flight of the Annual Obstacle Course with a significant donation to…

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Stratford Film Festival

Strarford film festival group | RMC Foundations

For the past 7 years the RMC Foundation has funded fifteen Officer Cadets to participate in the annual Stratford trip organized by the English Department. The Stratford Festival continues to prompt our future leaders to confront many of the challenges they face today, and will see in the future; through a medium that itself challenges…

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To the Class of 2020

RMC Foundation: Supporting Canada's Future Leaders | Appuyons les futurs leaders du Canada

From:  18524 Lt(N) Chris Theal, CFA, CIM RMC Foundation President, Class of 1992 Chief Financial Officer, Velvet Energy Ltd. As an ex cadet I remember my final days leading to graduation, the excitement to finally be done four years of intense academics and training, and the anticipation of finally starting my career as an Officer…

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History and Traditions: A Family Affair

Engage for 50– History and Traditions:  A Family Affair If only the walls of our Military Colleges could talk.  They would tell us the stories of our grandfathers and fathers, our brothers and uncles, our nephews and sons.  They would speak to the triumphs and successes of our grandmothers and mothers, our sisters and aunts,…

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From Ottawa to Antarctica with Love

7855 Paul Hession, Class of 1969, and his wife Sandra recently traveled to Port Lockroy on Wiencke Island in Antarctica to enjoy their 50th Wedding Anniversary ❤️ Paul sent us this picture of them proudly hoisting the RMC flag after a long but adventurous journey. Paul and Sandra traveled some 22,000 km,66 hours by air,…

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