RMC Saint-Jean 45th Annual Broomball Tournament

This year was the 45th Annual Broomball tournament at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean. For Officer Cadets, this tournament is an opportunity to put their studies aside for a weekend and have fun. In addition, this tournament promotes the development of team spirit, competitive spirit, and strengthens the bonds Cadets have with other Ex-Cadets.

For the students, this tournament provides an opportunity to improve on their teamwork, organizational and planning skills.

With your support, we can continue this important tradition for the Officer Cadets of the Royal Military College Saint-Jean. This annual funding request of $1600 is made possible by your donations to our Truth, Duty, Valour Fund.

Broomball Team Broomball Team Winning Team

“Team spirit is quite a vague concept that everyone does not master when arriving at the RMC Saint-Jean, but all along the way, whether with the broomball tournament, with the Orientation program or even the obstacle course, we are applying this concept to become better leaders. So, the Ex-Cadets broomball tournament is a huge learning moment for the wing. In addition, all the competitions and tournaments held at the RMC Saint-Jean promote exchange among participants. Through these exchanges, we create links and contacts that will be useful to us throughout our career. Which is in itself is a golden opportunity.” – OCdt Gabriel Tardif

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