6513 John Bart Teamwork and Leadership Awards

In 2001, the late 6513 John Bart (Class of 1965) established two endowments through the RMC Foundation to recognize Cadets for exemplary leadership and teamwork effort during the First Year Orientation Program and the Obstacle Course.

The John Bart Teamwork Award provides the winning Flight of the Annual Obstacle Course with a significant donation to the Commandants Fund. The fund provides for a private dinner with the winning first year flight, the Commandant, and members of the Bart Family and is also held to congratulate the winners of the other flights.  Each member of the winning Flight also receives a memento that reflects their accomplishments. The remaining funds are used by the Commandant to enhance excellence in the Leadership component.

The John Bart Leadership Award is awarded to the first year cadet in each flight other than the winning flight who demonstrates the highest level of leadership during the College’s Obstacle Course Competition.  The recipients of the award are encouraged to apply the cash prize to any activity, event or organization that contributes to his/her further education or development as a leader; supports a College organization such as a SQN, Flight, Club, Team, or research/project group; contributes to any other purpose within the objects of the Foundation, or otherwise advances his/her well-being.

Congratulations to Warrior Flight on their outstanding performance in the 2019 Obstacle Course and the winners of the John Bart Teamwork Award.

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