RMC Running Club Competes in Fallen Comrades Half Marathon in West Point

This activity was proudly supported by the Class of 1971 Danny McLeod Athletes Fund.

I am writing on behalf of the RMC Running Club to express our gratitude for your generous funding that enabled us to attend the Fallen Comrades Half Marathon in West Point, New-York. Your support played an important role in making this event possible for our team.

Participating in the Fallen Comrades Half Marathon was a profound and meaningful experience for all of us. Not only did it provide us with an opportunity to showcase our dedication and passion for running, but it also allowed us to create strong relations with the officer cadets from USMA. They are organizing this event to honor and pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice on the line of duty. Our attendance is well appreciated by them as we share the important signification of this event with them.

The experience gained from participating in the Fallen Comrades Half Marathon will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on each member of our team. It gives not only the satisfaction to have completed the race, but also the will to keep training for future event of that kind. I am proud to say that 8 members from our team finished in the top 15 out of 470 runners. There were 3 cadets who made it on the podium: Matthew Howell (3rd M20-29), Phineas Gaucher (2nd M20-29) and Charles Domingue (1st M20-29).

Once again, thank you for your generous support. We look forward to sharing our future accomplishments with you and hope to continue making the RMC Alumni Association proud of our Running Club.

Truth, Duty, Valor,

Élof (IV) / Ocdt (IV) Charles Domingue

Capitaine du Club de Course, Escadron 2, Collège militaire royal du Canada Forces armées canadiennes