RMC Debate and International Affair Society (DIAS)

The RMC Debate and International Affair Society (DIAS) sent 25 officer cadets to the Queen’s Model United Nations Invitational (QMUNi) from November 14th to November 17th. Celebrating its fifth iteration this year, QMUNi has become one of Canada’s top Model UN conferences, drawing over 300 delegates to Kingston for a unique weekend to discuss, debate,…

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Canso Investment Counsel Ltd Named Entertainment Sponsor for 11th Annual TPL Gala

Carswell TPL 2019

The True Patriot Love Foundation hosted their 11th Annual TPL Tribute Gala on Thursday 7 November at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  This year’s gala showcased the national impact made through TPL’s support of community programs and organizations across Canada. https://truepatriotlove.com/get-involved/events-educational-trips/11th-annual-tribute-gala/ Canso Investment Counsel is a proud supporter of the RMC Foundation and has been…

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History and Traditions: A Family Affair

Engage for 50– History and Traditions:  A Family Affair If only the walls of our Military Colleges could talk.  They would tell us the stories of our grandfathers and fathers, our brothers and uncles, our nephews and sons.  They would speak to the triumphs and successes of our grandmothers and mothers, our sisters and aunts,…

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