Canso Investment Counsel Ltd Named Entertainment Sponsor for 11th Annual TPL Gala

The True Patriot Love Foundation hosted their 11th Annual TPL Tribute Gala on Thursday 7 November at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  This year’s gala showcased the national impact made through TPL’s support of community programs and organizations across Canada.

Canso Investment Counsel is a proud supporter of the RMC Foundation and has been our Platinum Level Supporter of our Annual Legacy Dinner for many years. 16623 John Carswell, Class of 1978, and President of Canso Investment Counsel Ltd, recently provided $200,000 to start an Endowment to fund Officer Cadets from the Colleges to participate in major charitable gala events.

This gift from 11623 John Carswell, and Canso Investment Counsel makes John our fourth highest cumulative lifetime donor.Thank you John for your continued support of Canada’s future leaders.

Thank you for funding RMC’s attendance to the True Patriot Love Gala this year. It was truly enlightening meeting with all of the accomplished military members that were at the event, and I gained much advice in terms of where my career in Army Logistics could lead. I had never before been to such a well-funded and high-class event, and it was inspiring learning about the successes of the many RMC grads (most notably, you, Mr. Carswell) that were present at the event. It was also rewarding seeing the tangible love that the guests of the event had towards the military, from the flawless performances of the band in remembrance of our fallen members, to the generous donations that were given for the silent auction, and with even just the welcoming attitudes that were given to us as non-credentialed RMC cadets still trying to finish our degrees. I had a great time and took away a lot of useful knowledge for my career, and I sincerely hope that cadet attendance at the TPL Gala continues annually for as long as possible.- Jonas Cancino, 27892, Cadet Wing Operations Officer

On behalf of the Officer and Naval Cadets that had the honour of attending the 11th annual True Patriot Love Gala, I would like to extend my thanks to Mr. Carswell and Canso for sponsoring our participation in the event. The gala was a fantastic opportunity for us soon to be junior officers to experience a high profile function, all in support of Canadian Armed Forces Veterans. Throughout our evening at the gala, we met many seasoned officers, non-commissioned members, and civilian executives who are sure to be a part of our networks as we move into our careers. The conversations that we had gave us a better understanding of the many adventures that await us in the future, as well as the many support services we have as serving CAF members. All of us thoroughly enjoyed our time at the event: Thank you, Mr. Carswell, for enriching our understanding of what it means to be a part of the CAF community. – NCdt 28036 Eve Baker

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