Mottershead Battlefields Tour 2020: an ex-cadet’s perspective

Mottershead Battlefields Tour 2020: an ex-cadet’s perspective Also affectionately known as “The Blue Booties Tour.” In February of this year, I had the privilege of joining 27 Officer Cadets and 1 Naval Cadet and staff on a whorl-wind tour of the WW1 and WW2 battlefields of France and Belgium. The focus of the tour was…

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Combat Weapons Team

Combat Weapons Team | RMC Foundations

The purpose of the Combat Weapons Team is to teach members basic to advanced fighting drills with the C7 rifle, C8 carbine, Browning 9mm pistol, and Remington 12 gauge shotgun.  The skills taught include various fighting stances, tactical reloading, weapon transitioning, fire and movement, multiple target engagements, and reaction engagements. The Combat Weapons Team is…

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6513 John Bart Teamwork and Leadership Awards

John Bart Award 2019

In 2001, the late 6513 John Bart (Class of 1965) established two endowments through the RMC Foundation to recognize Cadets for exemplary leadership and teamwork effort during the First Year Orientation Program and the Obstacle Course. The John Bart Teamwork Award provides the winning Flight of the Annual Obstacle Course with a significant donation to…

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