RMC Debate and International Affair Society (DIAS)

The RMC Debate and International Affair Society (DIAS) sent 25 officer cadets to the Queen’s Model United Nations Invitational (QMUNi) from November 14th to November 17th. Celebrating its fifth iteration this year, QMUNi has become one of Canada’s top Model UN conferences, drawing over 300 delegates to Kingston for a unique weekend to discuss, debate,…

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Paris London Cultural Trip

Paris london cultural trip | RMC Foundations

Since 2012, RMC Saint-Jean students have been participating in the study trip to London and Paris during the spring break thanks to a generous donation from RMC Foundation donors, and the generous support of the Corporation du Fort St-Jean.  This yearly cultural trip allows students to meet and experience the founding cultures of Canada.  Students…

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Howard Model NATO

Howard Model Nato trip | RMC Foundations

The Howard University Model NATO Conference is an international academic competition held in Washington, DC and involves universities from Europe and North America. This highly prestigious event, referred to by the Principal as the academic equivalent of the Sandhurst Competition, pits RMC Cadets against over 25 other international universities in a challenging and academically rigorous…

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Stratford Film Festival

Strarford film festival group | RMC Foundations

For the past 7 years the RMC Foundation has funded fifteen Officer Cadets to participate in the annual Stratford trip organized by the English Department. The Stratford Festival continues to prompt our future leaders to confront many of the challenges they face today, and will see in the future; through a medium that itself challenges…

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