RMC Kilimanjaro Team Reaches the Summit

After almost 2 years of planning and preparation, a team of 9 OCdts and a MWO from RMC headed to Tanzania to conquer the world’s tallest freestanding mountain, heritage, wonder and highest point in Africa, the one and only: Mt. Kilimanjaro. The tallest point, Uhuru Peak, sitting at 5,895m (19,341ft), was reached by the team at around 6:45am (GMT+3) on 27 December 2019. After 5 days of hiking and acclimatizing on the route of “Lemosho,” the final push began at midnight of the day prior.

While the team rested at 4,600m before heading out, the gruelling last ascend of 1,300m to the top in just a few hours humbled all members. Nevertheless, the team soldiered through the lack of oxygen and sleep deprivation through one of the toughest challenges any of the members had endured in their life. Members faced inevitable hugs and tears after having accomplished the feat that many mountaineers dream of but few get to do.

No members had previously been to Africa but everyone left awe-inspired with the splendour of its landscapes, the profound hospitality of its people, and the inevitable wish to relive an amazing one-of-a-lifetime experience such as this.

Before returning down, the team took a team photo branding the RMC flag belonging to the Class of 1969, whom members of this incredible expedition are indebted to for their incredible support. Moreover, the team would like to also extend their gratitude to other Classes, ex-cadets, parents, family, friends, and peers who graciously donated and kept us in their thoughts because they believed in us.


David L. Guerrero
OCdt (IV) | Élof (IV)
5 Squadron | Escadron 5

Expedition Club President | Président du club d’expédition
Royal Military College of Canada | Collège militaire royal du Canada

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