RMC Saint-Jean European Military Student Cooperation

For the past 2 years RMC Saint-Jean has been invited to the Leonidas Trophy event at Thermopylae area, Hellas to participate in a historical 25 km trek on the Kallidromos Mountain to honour the battle of Leonidas.  Students also participated from other European military academies including the Belgian, Polish, Austrian, Italian, Dutch, French, Bulgarian, Romanian and Greek academies.

Apart from the athletic component to this historical trip, the main objective of this meeting was to meet some of the leading figures of the different military academies in hopes of developing future student exchanges. This type of event helps RMC Saint-Jean build diplomatic relations which can hopefully be used for exchanges with other nations and students of the international study program provided at RMC Saint-Jean.

Your support to our Truth, Duty, Valour fund for current needs will allow us to annually fund this important professional and athletic development opportunity for the students of RMC Saint-Jean.

Leonidas Trophy Event | RMC Foundations“Of course, another goal prompted us to participate in this event. At first, participation in the half marathon seemed a relatively easy challenge for them. Out of all odds, registrations were full for this one. There remained only the option of the 42.2 km Marathon. With only a few months of training, we made every effort to accomplish this major challenge. We can now claim to have run our first marathon at the authentic Athens Marathon.

 All in all, this adventure was extremely rewarding for us as student athletes, and future leaders. This experience allowed us to discover the world and the varied cultures of Europe. Through this meeting, we had the chance to forge international links in addition to discovering Athens and its rich story. Had it not been for the financial contribution from the RMC Foundation, this excellent professional training opportunity could not have taken place.”

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