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The RMC Music Program has been an integral part of the college’s history and heritage since it was stood up in 1953. It brings the pomp and circumstance to parades, regimental traditions to mess dinners, diversified entertainment at major concerts and events, and last year the cadets elevated their performance to a new standard of excellence at all 33 events they supported.

band pipers


There has been a renewed energy in the RMC Music Program and the program has grown from 70 cadets in December 2018 to 105 cadets a year later (see below).

September 2018 December 2018 May 2019 September 2019
Band 12 17 21 28
Choir 15 18 24 17
Highland Dance 3 6 8 18
Pipes 9  (5 performers) 9 (5 performers) 8 (6 performers) 19  (10 performers)
Drums 17 20 17 23
Total 56 70 78 105


The difference in the program has come from the funding from the class of 1964. We hired professional instructors for highland dance, choir, and pipes which drastically improved the quality of their art. And we were able to purchase 14 new Highland Doublets so that the cadets could not only sound the part, but look the part.

band brass

Thank you to the Class of 1964 and the many other donors who contribute to the RMC Band and ensure that we have the necessary equipment and instruction we need in order to perform at our highest level.

“I am so grateful for the music program at RMC. It has helped me to adjust to the new college setting by applying myself to something that I am already passionate and familiar with. I have to be organized and diligent with my time, but it has given me a behind-the-scene perspective on military traditions that I really enjoy.” – OCdt Margaret Tapia-Manangan

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