RMC advances to Queen’s International Intercollegiate Business Competition

I wish to convey my deepest appreciation to the RMC Alumni Association and its donors for the tremendous support and generosity in supporting our goal of entering the Queen’s Intercollegiate Business Competition this past fall. Through its generous funding, two teams representing RMC’s management department entered the preliminary round of Queen’s prestigious Intercollegiate Business Competition. After scoring a third place finish behind the University of Calgary and University of Toronto, one RMC team (OCdt Childerhose and OCdt Liem) made it through to the final international competition round in January 2023.

Hosted by Queen’s University, the Final Weekend competition buzzed with excitement and energy as we convened at the opening banquet with over 120 students and faculty representing 14 major universities across Canada, USA, Europe and Asia, including McGill, Toronto, Waterloo, Calgary, Concordia, Penn State, Vermont, Hong Kong, and Copenhagen. The weekend competition was profoundly enriching; as one cadet remarked, this was unquestionably their most memorable experience while at RMC. Our students represented RMC superbly well in their judged business presentations. I was so proud I could burst! Throughout the weekend, they communicated well and maturely with others and built many new friendships. While we did not depart with the final award, we acquired a wealth of exciting memories and substantial knowledge for the next year’s team about the intercollegiate competition process, team strategies, competitive business case skills and presentation techniques. Unquestionably, we were all extremely proud to represent RMC at this prestigious international business competition. To the many generous alumni and donors who made the students’ participation possible, I wish to pass on our heartfelt thanks!


John Karagianis Assistant Professor & Team Coach, Department of Management Royal Military College of Canada

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