Official Media Release RMC Alumni Association – Tragedy at RMC Campus

In the early hours of Friday 29 April 2022, a tragic incident happened at the Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston.  Four young souls were lost as a result of this accident.  The investigation is ongoing and includes support from NIS, Kingston Police and the OPP offering their assistance.

Support is being offered to Naval/Officer Cadets and staff on campus.  Social workers, Padres, and Kingston Health Services are all on hand to try to help individuals comprehend this incredible loss.

This tragedy today comes on the two-year anniversary of the loss of six lives, four of those who were ex cadets, on STALKER 22.  We feel the incredible impact these two tragedies hold in our hearts, and we grieve with you; the families of the Cadets, the College staff and community, and of course the Officer Cadets of the College.

The loss of four young souls on the cusp of graduation is an unbearable tragedy that no one can truly grasp. Their memories will be with their classmates as they walk through the Memorial Arch in a few weeks.

Due to the ongoing investigation, we would direct any further requests for information on this matter to the Media Relations Office of the Department of National Defence, Phone: 613-904-3333, or Email:

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15946 Jill Carleton

President & Chairperson

RMC Alumni Association

Class of 1987

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